The Team

The Graham Bell Associates team is comprised of a range of people, hand-picked for their specific skill areas to build on and complement each other’s expertise. Working from their own offices around the Borders and central belt, they liaise mainly through email and phone; unless occasion calls for a face-to-face. This keeps our overheads to a minimum, lessens our impact on the planet, and allows our team to flourish in their own environment – a comfortable worker is a happy worker is a more productive worker! In addition we draft in extra team members if we feel their expertise can add value for a client.

Learn a little more about our core team members below.

Graham Bell is the managing director and lead consultant of Graham Bell Associates.

Graham has been Managing Director of five different companies and now shares his expertise and experience with clients. His work as a consultant, policy advisor and strategist has touched most industries and Graham is passionate about entrepreneurship in its widest sense.

Graham is Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses in the Scottish Borders, Chair at Permaculture Scotland and has many years of experience with organisations such as Chambers of Commerce and Prince's Trust. Read more about his permaculture credentials here.
Karen Birch is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in creating and supporting co-operative enterprises.

The founder and managing director at the3rdimagazine, a member owned co-operative since the start of 2011, Karen knows how to bring businesses together to foster collaboration and generate growth and change across both public and private sectors.

Karen is Chair at Glasgow Women's Library, is on the advisory board for Co-operative Development Scotland and is one of the women cited by Co-operative Women's Challenge as being most influential within the co-operative movement. Read more about her social enterprise credentials here
Anne Casey has a background in public sector policy, strategy and change management.

Co-founder at the3rdimagazine Anne is is crucial to the magazine's community engagement strategy and is business manager at The Red Shed Nursery.

In addition Anne is a teacher of yoga and a fully qualified massage therapist.
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